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Miguel Montalban  Guitar player

Musician, composer and guitarist.   Band founder of Cabaret! and Andes Empire with two edited albums "Wasted Days" and "Andes Empire" produced by AMD Records in Santiago, Chile, and the second Andes Empire recorded in the personal Home Studios in Rome, December 2010, being the writer and composer of all of his songs. As the leader guitarist, he launched an instrumental EP, titled "Scenes EP" in which he searched for a new style recovered from the Manouche and Swing styles, by adapting a stronger and virtuous elasticity which represented a transition from classical to modern music.  He did a renewal of the swing and blues making a passage through different landscapes of Chile along with his music. His hit "Navona" was released in the play "Oblioterati", a theatral event of great success in downtown Rome. He also engaged in two music festivals; the “Sputnik Music Festival” in Bologna, and  Festival Di Fabriano.  Recorded an advertisement for the Italian television with a unique composition of the national anthem of Italy in a virtuous rock version, being compared with salient guitarists like Marty Friedman and Jason Becker, recalling the jazzy clean sounds of the argentinian Luis Salinas to the classical rhythm of Django Reinhardt.   His unique style was reproduced in the great songs such as  "Navona", the renewed version of "Blue Minor",  “Valparaiso Nuages ​​", among others.

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